June 4, 2017 Stress Puppet Image

Product Promotion Videos

Hi, Everyone!

I thought it would be nice to publish one blog post where we included our product videos created to this point. These are supporting our store and what we are offering to our customers.

They are a mix of videos, have a look through them and enjoy!


Let’s start off with our ‘Mother In Law’ puppet – this is a toy that can help you avoid conflict that will only cause trouble….Rather than take out your frustrations on her, you can simply let it out with this neat little puppet!

Next, let’s have a look at this puppet…It is the Referee Puppet…Same thing as with the puppet above, a great way to relieve stress when the game you are watching results in something unfair happening because of the referee…

That was fun, right? OK, I have yet another for you…This puppet is to handle all those stressful situations you may have from time to time with your boss! You can let out your frustration using this rather than risk losing your job!

I will add one more for you with this post and create a second post so it is all not too much for you!

This one will help out with all the pressure that you experience from that demanding teacher or professor in school. They simply do not realize what you go through day to day.

Rather than shout at the teacher, use this handy stress relieving puppet to let it all out!

OK, that is it for the post! I hope you enjoy them and if you want to purchase one or more of these puppets, we have them right here for you!

Robert and Dave

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