April 21, 2016

Making Memories Everyone Can Enjoy – Our Motto

Hello, my name is Dave. I am the co-founder of Memories In A Box, and along with Robert, my good friend and co-founder of this brand, we want to welcome you! We are both interested in making and keeping memories alive and well for as many people as there are on the planet.

In our stores you will find a lot of nice articles and items, and we do hope that you get what you need – if not, please let us know and we will do our best to source that thing for you. Do spend some time perusing the store and when you are done payment and the check-out is as easy as we can make it! These can help you remember the moments…

Frogs enjoying their time in summer
Frogs making memories in the summer heat…

What is the point of Memories In A Box?

“The point is that everyone makes memories in their lives, and though we may forget the day they were made, the event itself will remain. It can be helpful to have mementos from the memories, and that is where we come in. Our mission is to provide these for you and make it easy to get them shipped right to where you want them delivered.”.

Woman and sunset
Making Dreams Reality

It all started with an idea, we kicked it around for a good while, then decided to take action. Over the next months, we planned on how to roll the store out and offer items that typify what the gifts, mementos, and souvenirs for a region.

We went from the planning stage to the execution stage in a short time, and it was not long before our first warehouse was operational in Thailand, from which we can support sales on our stores.

The next phase was to form a company in Germany, and that was done over the months. We now have warehouse operations there too, and can support global sales through all our stores…At the moment, we are designing the second store which will open soon…

So Enjoy Your Moments…We Are Here For You To Provide Memories of Them… 

Also, enjoy our stores and shopping on them…We look forward to adding more products as we find the ones that meet our high standard, and serving the globe to the best of our abilities.




Memories In A Box

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