December 8, 2017

Kulleraugen (Thumbprint Christmas Cookies)

Today’s Recipe: German Holiday Cookies – Kulleraugen (Thumbprint Christmas Cookies) Hi everyone! Welcome back to our page. It’s already Christmas season. Are you ready for it? If you haven’t decided yet on which of the thousands of recipes that you can use over the holidays for the many special days and meals you will prepare, […]

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June 4, 2017 Stress Puppet Image

Product Promotion Videos

Hi, Everyone! I thought it would be nice to publish one blog post where we included our product videos created to this point. These are supporting our store and what we are offering to our customers. They are a mix of videos, have a look through them and enjoy!   Let’s start off with our […]

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June 3, 2017 image for blog post

Our Latest Video

Hi, everyone! Today I just wanted to share our latest branding video for your pleasure! We really like the music and the shots for this animated video, it captures what our spirit is at Memories In A Box! Have a look:   Have a great day! Robert and Dave 

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June 2, 2017 Image for blog post on germany

Traveling To Germany? Top 25 Can’t Miss Attractions

I have been in Germany for many years, and over that span, have had the privilege of seeing many places, meeting many nice people, sharing tons of great food and drink, and participating in local and international events. Today I want to list the top 25 attractions to think about getting to see if at […]

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March 15, 2017 tap image with German Flag colors

Best Beer For Your Very Own Oktoberfest

Who cannot picture the clinking sounds of massive steins of beer, along with the loud singing, the stereotypical ‘oom-pah-pah’ bands, the ever-present plates of sausages, sauerkraut, and mashed potatoes, and of course the traditional ‘lederhosen’ and pointy hats the men don and the ‘dirndls’ the girls wear…   This is the life and the party […]

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March 12, 2017 Lake and Mountain Image


My co-founder Robert spent some time in the mountains recently and we wanted to share some of the photos with you. They have a wonderful time and you can definitely do the same. I recently posted a blog on the area, and this is more proof did it is worth your while to plan for […]

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March 11, 2017 Image supports Blog post


If you are looking for some breathtaking mountain scenery, some very picturesque lakes and beautiful and lush green forests, and some hiking trails, this is the Berchtesgaden National Park is for you!   This park is one of the oldest conservation areas in the Alps, and you can guess from that statement, it is located […]

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March 10, 2017 Image supports blog post


If you want to see the top of the world for Germany, you have to head to Mount Zugspitze. It is located in Southern Germany and is one of the most famous mountain peaks in all the Alps. It is Germany’s highest mountain at 2,962m… Indeed it is one of the most popular destinations for visitors […]

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March 9, 2017 Image of Heidelberg Castle


The Heidelberg Castle is the epitome of what I think of when someone mentions German Romanticism. This is one of the best places I have ever stayed in … But it’s not just me … People in the world have heard of the castle. It is well-known and for good reason. I personally enjoyed every […]

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March 8, 2017 Lake and Mountain Image


Hello, I am, Dave, co-founder of Memories In A Box. Today I want to tell you about an adventure trip you can enjoy with a partner, friends, or your family. It is called The Romantic Road and you will see beautiful scenery, nice small towns, villages, eat good food, and meet even better people… This […]

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