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Today marks the first blog post on a subject near and dear to our hearts…Bavarian and German favorite recipes that we order in restaurants or make at home every chance we get.

German food is well known throughout the world, and many people do not realize just how easy it is to make that same authentic taste and flavor from their home kitchens.

We will be adding more and more recipes, images and videos as time goes on, and we invite you to add your experiences, images, or advice to the comment section below the recipes.

We look forward to hearing from you!


There are some kitchen utensils and items that will help you as you prepare these recipes, and we have provided a list below to show you what we are talking about and the use they have…

Tool for making SpaetzleA Simple But Effective Spätzle Making Machine

This is a must have if you want to make your own Spätzle…This food item is a delicious home-made Southern German egg noodle that you can make and add sauces, seasonings, gravy, or fried onions with and then use your dish as an excellent side to the other Bavarian style meals and dishes you prepare.

German Potato Ricer

A Simple Potato ‘Ricer’ Tool

Yet another essential tool that you will need if you want to make those savory hot German dumplings. This is a potato ricer similar to what you see above. Using it, you can quickly and efficiently mash your cooked potatoes for further working to make the dumplings. Of course, you can use it for other things like mashed potatoes or when making fresh baby food.

Baking Roller Marble

A Marble Rolling Pin

There are a number of recipes for which this handy tool will be required. For instance, if you want to make the German dessert Apfelstrudel you’ll need a Rolling Pin that is made of marble. This way the dough won’t stick to the tool as much as it will with a Wooden Rolling Pin you may be familiar with. The nice thing about this tool is that you can use it for other regional foods such as pizza dough or pastries.

Scale Kitchen

A Multi-Weight Measuring Digital Kitchen Scale

You will need some kind of a scale and one that has a gram to ounce conversion to calculate between the two. The one you see in the image is perfect for the German baking recipes we are adding. The measurements may be in grams for these recipes and actually, if you weigh ingredients out in grams you will be more precise than using ounces. You know the Germans are precise!

Kitchen Hand MixerA Good Quality Hand Mixer

One thing that you will NOT need for most German dishes is a big counter mixer. Not only can these be expensive, but they take up valuable counter space in your kitchen. Certainly nice to have, for the recipes you will find here a simple hand mixer will suffice. This means you save money and space and still get the dishes you want for your meals…


A few other common tools you may need include:

A Box Grater. This is a great tool you will find many uses for almost daily if you do any amount of cooking in your kitchen. I use mine to grate cheese, cucumbers, carrots, chocolate, coconut, or to make very thin cucumber slices that I use for my German cucumber salad.

A Large Wood Cutting Board. I like to have a wooden cutting board that has a lot of area for working with vegetables. Do not go too big or you may have problems cleaning it, but make it big enough so that you can handle good amounts of a vegetable as you prepare your dishes. Rinse it between vegetable types you are working with, but do not let it soak in the dishwater or it may warp or fall apart on you. A simple clean and rinse and dry off will do the trick. Note that using a wood cutting board also offers a chance to extend the life of your knives. Try to get one that has a grooved channel so it will capture any juices. This will help keep things clean as you work.

A Couple Of Plastic Cutting Boards. I like to also keep a couple plastic cutting boards on hand too. I use one of these for handling raw meats or for carving at the table sometimes. The second is for slicing and cutting fruit or bread. I do not want any aftertaste that can come from a wooden cutting board adulterating the taste of the item, and they are easy to throw in the dishwasher or wash up quickly after use.

An Immersion Hand Blender.  These handy kitchen tools are relatively new for me, but I sure am glad that someone came up with them. You can easily make mayonnaise, blend soups, make whipped cream, make salad dressings, etc. They are very handy and the more you use them, the more ways you find to use them!

An Electric 1.5 – 3 Liter Blender.  This is a tool that can make your job a lot easier in many ways. We use it for smoothies, making fresh juices, fresh drinks mix for parties, or even to blend soups or sauces. This is one that I use all the time too. They generally come with various speed settings and are specially designed to be easily cleaned.

A Variety Of Wooden or Silicone Cooking Spoons. I would secure a variety of wooden and silicone cooking spoons with different heads, lengths, and sizes. You will use these almost daily in your kitchen, and they will not harm the surfaces of your cooking gear.

A Variety Of Spatulas, Wire Whips, and Tongs. This is another set of tools that you will find yourself using regularly. There is nothing more frustrating than not having one of these items when needed. I would go with some that are metal and some that are made of silicone, add at least four sets of tongs, one of which is long enough that you could use it on the outside grill without getting burned up.

A Good Quality Vegetable Peeler. There are a ton of options here, just make sure that you get one or two that will stand up to heavy use and is easy to clean and sanitize. Make sure it fits comfortably in your hand too…You can use it for peeling any hard skinned vegetable such as potatoes, carrots, or even fruits.

An Easy To Use Cheese Slicer. If you can, secure a good quality cheese slicer, you will be able to get nice even slices that can add to your presentations at the dinner table. There are a lot of options, just find oone that will meet your needs and has a good reputation.

A Zester Tool. You may not know what I am talking about with this tool, A zester is basically a way to get your lemon, orange, lime, garlic clove, nutmeg, ginger, chocolate shavings that you will need for some recipes or drinks…Again on this, you have many options and pick out one that feels comfortable in your hand and that is easy to clean.

A Set Of Knives. This is a high-ticket item if you go quality. I paid $2000 for a set of German knives 18 years ago. So that tells you how much this set would likely be these days! If you can afford only a limited number of things for your kitchen, get some good quality knives. If you do make this investment you will have them more than 20 years. They also make chopping and cutting a breeze, and sharp knives that hold an edge are actually safer than cheap ones that do not.

Cooking Pots, Pans & Bowls. Get the best quality that you can afford. This is another case of better meaning that they will last for years and years with regular use. You want to have the best chance of preparing dishes that are going to turn out as the recipe images show. and what you cook the products in will make a difference in the quality.

A Herb Grinder. I like to use fresh herbs whenever possible, and having a stone bowl and grinder to make your own will add a LOT to the taste of your creations. It is more work for sure, but the seasonings you buy in the supermarket are often outdated and as they get old, they will lose their effectiveness.

Measuring Cups, Bowls, and Spoons. Select a nice variety of the main sizes and make sure that you have dry and liquid measuring utensils. If you get metal or plastic, they will be easy to clean and store, and you cannot go wrong with having 2 sets…I do not know how many times I have lost one or two when I needed them, so had to go with the backup set.

Cake and PiePans. Having a good set of cake pans of different shapes and sizes will allow you to make any kind of cake or pie that you will find in our set of recipes we present for you to try. Get ones that are non-stick if possible, they are easy to clean and as long as you do not use sharp utensils, will last for years too.

Roasting Pans. I keep at least 4 and prefer 6. The reason is that often we will leave a product in the roasting pan if we are going somewhere as a guest or maybe when attending a family gathering. This way, you do not have to worry too much while you wait for that borrowed pan to be returned!

Nice Serving Dishes, Bowls, and Platters For Your German Specialty Meals and Dishes. If you are going to go to all the work of preparing these great dishes, it is nice to be able to serve them using dishes that add to the ambiance of the dinner. Do the best you can, maybe add to your collection over time as you can afford…

Good Cleaners For Equipment. Get the proper cleaners for all this beautiful stuff you have added to your kitchen so they will stay clean and look good. This is something I see people overlook and they pay heavily when their equipment does not stand up or becomes so dirty it is unusable…


There you have it. You now know what is coming as a part of the e-store we have put together for you, and we hope that you get a lot of enjoyment out of our content and can use it in your own food adventure. Remember that we remember moments, and certainly, a nice and tasty dinner can add to the moments that stand out over the years.


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