We are world travelers who know the value of taking a memento or a useful gift for others back to our homes…As others have experienced, there are times when due to the schedule, we just do not have the time to get all our shopping done while on the ground…

Dave and Robert have come up with a solution for this…It is called Memories In A Box, and this website is one example of how we now make it easy for you to order your mementos and products easily and safely online and have them delivered right to your door at home!

This is one pf many planned online shops, and each one will cover a different region of the world. This first one starts right in our home Germany…This is a beautiful country and there are so many things to experience while here.

Our product lines will bring back your memories of moments and can be enjoyed throughout the year. Our diverse line covers knick-knacks, gag gifts that are fun and useful, T-Shirts, porcelain, and more. Take your time and enjoy browsing the store, and we look forward to having you come back often!


Robert & Dave